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Hello Medium! Once more I am on here to express myself and well….to free write! So, Happy New Year to all! Obviously I’ve been away for a little while from my last post but I’m back. Again I was attending school and I am happy to proclaim that I passed the semester with flying colors. Sadly my time at the community college has ended and now I am sort of in limbo of what I should do next. Obviously the next thing is to pursue the next degree, which for me would be my B.A. in English, but I don’t…

Hello champs! So as I said on my last post I will be publishing some of my work I’ve done in school, so here is a script I wrote. In this project my professor wanted us to use 3 historical figures and have them interact with each other in a setting of our choosing. So I thought to myself, why not have the 3 most ruthless conquerors and stick them in a room and have them lead themselves to an end where they themselves couldn’t foresee. So without further ado, I present…


BY: F. Vivas


Ivan IV…

Hello world! I’m back! I haven’t written since when?…2017!! Geez WTH!? I honestly forgot why I stopped writing here. (I think it was something with Medium staring to charge for publishing, idk.) Anyways, even though I only had 5 stories to tell, I still missed it. My ramblings and my thoughts at times need to be expressed in ways that always ends up in writing. Does anyone else feel that way too? I haven’t given up on writing though! …

Shipping my dog to Taiwan

Hello world! Today I will be telling you guys how I sent my pooch (Pique, yes like Shakira’s boy.) to the beautiful country of Taiwan. This article is for those are curious and or lost in the process of sending the four legged friends overseas.

For starters, let us first determine if you are absolutely, sure and certian you want to do this. This is a VERY, VERY expensive move and although you really want to do this please consider this. I estimated between $1,700 to $2,300 spending sending Pique. (prices may vary depending on…

Hello Medium!

So, i’ve been dying to write some sequels or prequels to some great movies. (not that they need them. i mean i wouldn’t want to change things but side stories.) reboots i hate, they’re like that damn canker sore that pops up when you least expect it. Anyways, these movies that i imagine only are in a “coming atraction/trailer” form. Can’t quite wrap my head around writing a full movie script. (I’ve tried but always doubt myself) Check it out. Here are some ideas! (Spoilers Alert. if no one has seen these movies)


Love, love…

Wow!, i can’t believe there’s a place were i can write crap up and people might (might, just might) read it. Man, wow. I’m not really a social media type, I’m the guy who will most likely get the recent social media app, 4 maybe 5 years after it launched. (hell i just started Instagram this year…) (oh btw IG account @f._vivas4 if anyone wants a friend..I would like friends.) I like reading. Even if it’s rants or whatever, I’ll read them. So, with that being said, i hope to make many friends and penpals here. And if you do come across my blogs, feel free to hit me up! thanks for reading this. (hope someone did) Peace!

F. Vivas

I live with my three pooches. A pug and 2 mixed dogs. Love futbol. Dogs are cool but People are colder.

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